selenium 遇到的问题,页面下拉报错

self = <selenium.webdriver.remote.errorhandler.ErrorHandler object at 0x000002537D0AF7F0>
response = {‘status’: 404, ‘value’: ‘{“value”:{“error”:“unknown command”,“message”:“unknown command: Cannot call non W3C standard…jectPath [0x778387A4+228]\n\tRtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath [0x77838774+180]\n\t(No symbol) [0x00000000]\n”}}’}

def check_response(self, response):
    Checks that a JSON response from the WebDriver does not have an error.

     - response - The JSON response from the WebDriver server as a dictionary

    :Raises: If the response contains an error message.
    status = response.get('status', None)
    if status is None or status == ErrorCode.SUCCESS:
    value = None
    message = response.get("message", "")
    screen = response.get("screen", "")
    stacktrace = None
    if isinstance(status, int):
        value_json = response.get('value', None)
        if value_json and isinstance(value_json, basestring):
            import json
                value = json.loads(value_json)
                if len(value.keys()) == 1:
                    value = value['value']
                status = value.get('error', None)
                if status is None:
                    status = value["status"]
                    message = value["value"]
                    if not isinstance(message, basestring):
                        value = message
                        message = message.get('message')
                    message = value.get('message', None)
            except ValueError:

    exception_class = ErrorInResponseException
    if status in ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_ELEMENT:
        exception_class = NoSuchElementException
    elif status in ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_FRAME:
        exception_class = NoSuchFrameException
    elif status in ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_WINDOW:
        exception_class = NoSuchWindowException
    elif status in ErrorCode.STALE_ELEMENT_REFERENCE:
        exception_class = StaleElementReferenceException
    elif status in ErrorCode.ELEMENT_NOT_VISIBLE:
        exception_class = ElementNotVisibleException
    elif status in ErrorCode.INVALID_ELEMENT_STATE:
        exception_class = InvalidElementStateException
    elif status in ErrorCode.INVALID_SELECTOR \
            or status in ErrorCode.INVALID_XPATH_SELECTOR \
            or status in ErrorCode.INVALID_XPATH_SELECTOR_RETURN_TYPER:
        exception_class = InvalidSelectorException
    elif status in ErrorCode.ELEMENT_IS_NOT_SELECTABLE:
        exception_class = ElementNotSelectableException
    elif status in ErrorCode.ELEMENT_NOT_INTERACTABLE:
        exception_class = ElementNotInteractableException
    elif status in ErrorCode.INVALID_COOKIE_DOMAIN:
        exception_class = InvalidCookieDomainException
    elif status in ErrorCode.UNABLE_TO_SET_COOKIE:
        exception_class = UnableToSetCookieException
    elif status in ErrorCode.TIMEOUT:
        exception_class = TimeoutException
    elif status in ErrorCode.SCRIPT_TIMEOUT:
        exception_class = TimeoutException
    elif status in ErrorCode.UNKNOWN_ERROR:
        exception_class = WebDriverException
    elif status in ErrorCode.UNEXPECTED_ALERT_OPEN:
        exception_class = UnexpectedAlertPresentException
    elif status in ErrorCode.NO_ALERT_OPEN:
        exception_class = NoAlertPresentException
    elif status in ErrorCode.IME_NOT_AVAILABLE:
        exception_class = ImeNotAvailableException
    elif status in ErrorCode.IME_ENGINE_ACTIVATION_FAILED:
        exception_class = ImeActivationFailedException
    elif status in ErrorCode.MOVE_TARGET_OUT_OF_BOUNDS:
        exception_class = MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException
    elif status in ErrorCode.JAVASCRIPT_ERROR:
        exception_class = JavascriptException
    elif status in ErrorCode.SESSION_NOT_CREATED:
        exception_class = SessionNotCreatedException
    elif status in ErrorCode.INVALID_ARGUMENT:
        exception_class = InvalidArgumentException
    elif status in ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_COOKIE:
        exception_class = NoSuchCookieException
    elif status in ErrorCode.UNABLE_TO_CAPTURE_SCREEN:
        exception_class = ScreenshotException
    elif status in ErrorCode.ELEMENT_CLICK_INTERCEPTED:
        exception_class = ElementClickInterceptedException
    elif status in ErrorCode.INSECURE_CERTIFICATE:
        exception_class = InsecureCertificateException
    elif status in ErrorCode.INVALID_COORDINATES:
        exception_class = InvalidCoordinatesException
    elif status in ErrorCode.INVALID_SESSION_ID:
        exception_class = InvalidSessionIdException
    elif status in ErrorCode.UNKNOWN_METHOD:
        exception_class = UnknownMethodException
        exception_class = WebDriverException
    if value == '' or value is None:
        value = response['value']
    if isinstance(value, basestring):
        if exception_class == ErrorInResponseException:
            raise exception_class(response, value)
        raise exception_class(value)
    if message == "" and 'message' in value:
        message = value['message']

    screen = None
    if 'screen' in value:
        screen = value['screen']

    stacktrace = None
    if 'stackTrace' in value and value['stackTrace']:
        stacktrace = []
            for frame in value['stackTrace']:
                line = self._value_or_default(frame, 'lineNumber', '')
                file = self._value_or_default(frame, 'fileName', '<anonymous>')
                if line:
                    file = "%s:%s" % (file, line)
                meth = self._value_or_default(frame, 'methodName', '<anonymous>')
                if 'className' in frame:
                    meth = "%s.%s" % (frame['className'], meth)
                msg = "    at %s (%s)"
                msg = msg % (meth, file)
        except TypeError:
    if exception_class == ErrorInResponseException:
        raise exception_class(response, message)
    elif exception_class == UnexpectedAlertPresentException:
        alert_text = None
        if 'data' in value:
            alert_text = value['data'].get('text')
        elif 'alert' in value:
            alert_text = value['alert'].get('text')
        raise exception_class(message, screen, stacktrace, alert_text)
  raise exception_class(message, screen, stacktrace)

E selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: unknown command: Cannot call non W3C standard command while in W3C mode


opt = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
opt.add_experimental_option('w3c',  False)
driver = webdriver.Chrome(chrome_options=opt)



谢谢,麻烦在请教一个问题;浏览器的复用,为什么一直提示’Testdemo’ object has no attribute ‘driver’


改了还是报错啊 :sweat_smile: ERROR [100%]
test setup failed
self = <test_weixin.Testdemo object at 0x000001FFBEE9CDF0>
method = <bound method Testdemo.test_demo1 of <test_weixin.Testdemo object at 0x000001FFBEE9CDF0>>

def setup_method(self,method):

self = <[AttributeError("‘WebDriver’ object has no attribute ‘session_id’") raised in repr()] WebDriver object at 0x1ffbee9cc40>
executable_path = ‘chromedriver’, port = 0
options = <class ‘’>
service_args = None, desired_capabilities = None, service_log_path = None
chrome_options = None, keep_alive = True

def __init__(self, executable_path="chromedriver", port=0,
             options=None, service_args=None,
             desired_capabilities=None, service_log_path=None,
             chrome_options=None, keep_alive=True):
    Creates a new instance of the chrome driver.

    Starts the service and then creates new instance of chrome driver.

     - executable_path - path to the executable. If the default is used it assumes the executable is in the $PATH
     - port - port you would like the service to run, if left as 0, a free port will be found.
     - options - this takes an instance of ChromeOptions
     - service_args - List of args to pass to the driver service
     - desired_capabilities - Dictionary object with non-browser specific
       capabilities only, such as "proxy" or "loggingPref".
     - service_log_path - Where to log information from the driver.
     - chrome_options - Deprecated argument for options
     - keep_alive - Whether to configure ChromeRemoteConnection to use HTTP keep-alive.
    if chrome_options:
        warnings.warn('use options instead of chrome_options',
                      DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
        options = chrome_options

    if options is None:
        # desired_capabilities stays as passed in
        if desired_capabilities is None:
            desired_capabilities = self.create_options().to_capabilities()
        if desired_capabilities is None:
          desired_capabilities = options.to_capabilities()

E TypeError: to_capabilities() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘self’

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