JetBrains Aqua A powerful IDE for test automation

JetBrains Aqua

A powerful IDE for test automation





FluentLenium is a React ready website automation framework which extends Selenium to write readable, reusable, reliable and resilient UI functional tests. It’s written and maintained by people who are automating browser-based tests on a daily basis.

FluentLenium provides a Java fluent interface to Selenium, and brings some magic to avoid common issues faced by Selenium users.

FluentLenium is shipped with adapters for JUnit4, JUnit5, TestNG, Spock, Spring TestNG, Cucumber and Kotest, but it can also be used standalone.

FluentLenium best integrates with AssertJ, but you can also choose to use the assertion framework you want.


Automated Acceptance Testing With Style

JetBrains Aqua

A powerful IDE for test automation

JDI Light Framework

JDI Light is a powerful Test Automation Framework that helps to make your tests fast, sustainable and provides obvious and predictable test run results.

JDI Light is powered by Selenium and has simple integration with Selenium-based projects.

Selenium WebDriver is a library that allows controlling web browsers programmatically. It provides a cross-browser API that can be used to drive web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, among others) using different programming languages (e.g., Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, or Ruby). The primary use of Selenium WebDriver is implementing automated tests for web applications.

WebDriverManager is an open-source Java library that carries out the management (i.e., download, setup, and maintenance) of the drivers required by Selenium WebDriver (e.g., chromedriver, geckodriver, msedgedriver, etc.) in a fully automated manner. In addition, as of version 5, WebDriverManager provides other relevant features, such as the capability to discover browsers installed in the local system, building WebDriver objects (such as ChromeDriver , FirefoxDriver , EdgeDriver , etc.), running browsers in Docker containers seamlessly, and monitoring capabilities.

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  • 自动化测试代码模板
  • IDE 内元素定位、调试、自动补全
  • 接口测试可以直接写参数、headers 等,直接发起请求,类似 postman?
  • 配置连接数据库,支持 SQL 查询

JetBrains Aqua 为测试自动化工程师提供了强大的工具,以及来自 IntelliJ IDEA、PyCharm 和 WebStorm 的针对特定语言的功能组合。